Import assets from the Unreal Engine Marketplace

The Unreal Engine Marketplace is a great place to find assets for your custom Asset Packs. When browsing the Marketplace, look for products that are compatible with Unreal Engine 5.3 and Linux. Some products that are not marked as compatible may still work, but products that are marked as compatible are more likely to work without issues. Products that require plugins to be installed will most likely not work with Skyglass.

Once you have purchased a product, find it in your Library in the Epic Games Launcher. Products purchased from the Marketplace will be an Asset Pack or a Complete Project.

Import assets from a Marketplace Asset Pack

If the product is of type Asset Pack, it will show a button labelled Add To Project. Click this button and select a project. If you want to use all the assets from the Marketplace Asset Pack in your Skyglass Asset Pack, you can select the Skyglass Forge project. However, it is more likely that the Marketplace Asset Pack contains more assets than you want to include in your Skyglass Asset Pack. You should avoid including unnecessary assets in your Skyglass Asset Pack to reduce its size.

To import only a selection of assets from a Marketplace Asset Pack into a Skyglass Asset Pack, first create a new empty Unreal Engine project. You can use the default empty settings and name it anything you want, as this project is temporary. Click the Add To Project button for the Marketplace Asset Pack you want to use in the Epic Games Launcher and select your temporary project. Once the assets are downloaded and imported into the project, find and select assets you want to import into your Skyglass Asset Pack in the Content Browser. Right-click on the selected assets and click Asset Actions > Migrate. For the destination, choose the content folder of the Skyglass Forge project ([Download Location]/SkyglassForge/Content). By migrating only the assets you want to import, only those assets and assets they reference will be imported into your Skyglass Asset Pack. For more detail about migrating assets, read this article:

Import assets from a Complete Project

If the Marketplace product you purchased is of type Complete Project, your Library in the Epic Games Launcher will show a button labelled Create Project. Click this button to create a new project, then follow the steps to migrate assets as described above. Be aware that if the project uses special settings, its assets may not work correctly in Skyglass. It is not possible to change the project settings for the Skyglass rendering server.

Move assets into the content folder for your Asset Pack

Once you have migrated assets into the content folder of the Skyglass Forge project, open the Skyglass Forge project. In the Content Browser, drag and drop all the migrated assets from Content/ to Plugins/[Your Asset Pack Name] Content. In the Move/Copy dialog that appears, click Move Here. Moving the assets may take some time as all references are updated to the new asset paths.

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